July 1, 2009

I I took the boys from the camp out the other day and they caught some sailfish and dolphin.  I added a couple of the sailfish pictures to the end of the fishing slideshow on my Photos page.  Check them out.


puppy drum, trout, and flounder

May 24, 2009
It starts once again. Fishing the Pamlico Sound and Nuese River has been pretty good despite the wind.
Fished a couple of days this week finding fish all up and down the river.  We caught good size trout, mixed
up drum, and several small flounder. It's not even June yet and the summer looks to be great. Best of luck
 to all of your summer.
        I'll be fishing offshore for the next few weeks. I dont want to miss that great dolphin
bite thats been happening.  ...
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Past and Future

May 4, 2009
Hey everybody, sorry it's been a while. It has been pretty busy with with everything.

 Shad fishing ended with a bang which led right into striper season. This has been one of
the best  seasons in a while. Most days catching well over 75 fish averaging 3-4 lbs. This is still
happening. Today we had a slow day catching 42 in a half day. The fly bite is really taking off
with the warm temps bringing on the spawn.
     Mixing my days between the coast and  Weldon we have had some good days on the 
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Shad fishing the Neuse

March 21, 2009
Well its finally started up on a regular basis 20 --50 fish a day on the Neuse! Carried 1 man on Wed. We caught 28 in about 2 hours.
 Then on Thurs. I had Mr. Henry, Max, and Ryan. Once we figured out the fish were not up in the trees we started catching fish. We caught about 25 with a couple of really nice roes. Even broke out the fly rod. Every ten or fifteen min they would make their way through the boats and you would get a couple of bites. I had a great time fellas!!!
    I'll be on the Ro...
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offshore report

March 3, 2009
The last week of Feb. was really nice so we decided to go to the big rock.
It was a beautiful day on the water. Once we got there we put the lines out
 trolled around while looking for some bottom fish. It didnt take long and we had a blackfin
Found some bottm fish but couldn't do much because of the current. We put
the lines back out and stuck with trolling for a couple of hours. Ended up catching
Blackfin, dolphin, and wahoo. It was agreat day for Feb.!!
   good luck    ...
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fishing and hunting

February 24, 2009

Had a long weekend, carried Mr. Graham and friends on a long boat ride. We went over a hundred and twenty miles and never put a fish in the boat. Thankfully he had a great trip a couple of weeks ago catching 26 big stripers. This is what brought him back for the boat ride. The fish are there you just have to find them. 
       I also sent 4 guys to Currituck for a snow goose hunt. They saw plenty of geese but only a few came in close enough to shoot. Tyler did bag a bird with a toe band. This ...

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cast and blast

January 28, 2009
The last week of duck season could be no better!
Shooting divers and swans - it was great. One day
we shot 10 bluebills and had breakfast by 9:30.
Then I had a second group and we were done by 3:30.
This continued all week. 
I took Mr. Tom and his sons swan hunting last Friday,
they shot into several flights with the bows before
picking up the guns and bagging their birds. Great
video, Tom. Today we caught a few trout ranging from 
12 -- 20 inches, along with a mullet. Snow and ice
didn't hurt the fish...
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