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Shad fishing the Neuse

Posted by Greg Voliva on Saturday, March 21, 2009,
Well its finally started up on a regular basis 20 --50 fish a day on the Neuse! Carried 1 man on Wed. We caught 28 in about 2 hours.
 Then on Thurs. I had Mr. Henry, Max, and Ryan. Once we figured out the fish were not up in the trees we started catching fish. We caught about 25 with a couple of really nice roes. Even broke out the fly rod. Every ten or fifteen min they would make their way through the boats and you would get a couple of bites. I had a great time fellas!!!
    I'll be on the Ro...
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offshore report

Posted by Greg Voliva on Tuesday, March 3, 2009,
The last week of Feb. was really nice so we decided to go to the big rock.
It was a beautiful day on the water. Once we got there we put the lines out
 trolled around while looking for some bottom fish. It didnt take long and we had a blackfin
Found some bottm fish but couldn't do much because of the current. We put
the lines back out and stuck with trolling for a couple of hours. Ended up catching
Blackfin, dolphin, and wahoo. It was agreat day for Feb.!!
   good luck    ...
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