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puppy drum, trout, and flounder

Posted by Greg Voliva on Sunday, May 24, 2009,
It starts once again. Fishing the Pamlico Sound and Nuese River has been pretty good despite the wind.
Fished a couple of days this week finding fish all up and down the river.  We caught good size trout, mixed
up drum, and several small flounder. It's not even June yet and the summer looks to be great. Best of luck
 to all of your summer.
        I'll be fishing offshore for the next few weeks. I dont want to miss that great dolphin
bite thats been happening.  ...
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Past and Future

Posted by Greg Voliva on Monday, May 4, 2009,
Hey everybody, sorry it's been a while. It has been pretty busy with with everything.

 Shad fishing ended with a bang which led right into striper season. This has been one of
the best  seasons in a while. Most days catching well over 75 fish averaging 3-4 lbs. This is still
happening. Today we had a slow day catching 42 in a half day. The fly bite is really taking off
with the warm temps bringing on the spawn.
     Mixing my days between the coast and  Weldon we have had some good days on the 
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