Well its finally started up on a regular basis 20 --50 fish a day on the Neuse! Carried 1 man on Wed. We caught 28 in about 2 hours.
 Then on Thurs. I had Mr. Henry, Max, and Ryan. Once we figured out the fish were not up in the trees we started catching fish. We caught about 25 with a couple of really nice roes. Even broke out the fly rod. Every ten or fifteen min they would make their way through the boats and you would get a couple of bites. I had a great time fellas!!!
    I'll be on the Roanoke on Sunday. It should be a great time as well with catches up to 100!!!!  On spin or fly, it doesn't matter. 
The stripers are not far behind, they'er already having good catches in Plymouth and even farther up. Looking good, hope it stays that way. Well, off to Wilmington for a show.