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Bear Hunts

We hunt in Pamlico County, where some of the biggest black bears in eastern North Carolina can be found.  In Pamlico County, hunters are not allowed to run dogs for bear hunting, so we "stand hunt" close to grain fields.  I provide ladder- and box-stands, but you are welcome to bring your own portable stand if you prefer.  Bear hunts can be scheduled for mid-November or for the two weeks prior to Christmas.  Archery and rifle hunting are available during both seasons.

Starting Price:

$3,000 Per Person

3 Day Hunt

Customize As Needed

Duck Hunts

I offer a variety of duck and swan hunts from November until January in the southern Pamlico Sound and surrounding areas.  Hunts are set up from my boat or from bank blinds, depending on the type of duck we're hunting and the area we're in.  You are welcome to bring your dog for retrieving the ducks, if you would like.

Starting Price:

$250 Per Gun

3 Person Hunt Minimum 

Deer Hunts

Deer hunts are customized instate / out of state. 

Starting Price:

Contact For Price

Hunting trips accommodate up to 4 people. 
For Deer: you will need a hunting license.
For Ducks: you will need a hunting license & duck stamps.
For Bear: you will need a state big game license & bear tag.

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